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Google Reviews:


88% (Of Consumers) Say They Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations.
But here is the REAL QUESTION?…“Do reviews affect consumer buying habit?” …YES, of course!
97% (Of Consumers) Aged 18-34 Read Online Reviews to JUDGE a Local Business Online RATINGS..
92.59 % of mobile searches worldwide are conducted on Google.



I have a company that filters out bad reviews, & only allows good ones to go
through & gives business owners an opportunity to fix the problem that would
have caused the bad review.

And the reason why I do that is because 68% of customers left a local business
review when asked. With 74% having been asked for their feedback.

So we know when businesses ASK for a review they get it. We know 85% of
Customers TRUST ONLINE REVIEWS as much as personal recommendations.

So basically what my company does is allow a business to get 85% of their
customers that walk through the door as if they were personal recommendations.

Local Ad Connection is a Social Media and Local Marketing Agency

You Know how I know about all this Is I own a special data analysis online management
firm that gathers all this data from all over the world and puts all this into a simple report.





Service #1 Write News Releases & Announcements on a monthly basis that  enhance the visibility, reputation and trust of their businesses

Service #2  Prime potential clients by creating more buzz and exposure to positive reviews & press, while mitigating the damage done by poor reviews

Service #3 Boost the image and authority of their business by publishing news announcements on respected, high authority news sites getting visible overnight

Service #4 Ensuring the positive story and image of their business is presented online via the publications made by you, which primes their own  clients and customers to trust them more, improving their experience as well  as planting information that the mainstream media might pick up & repeat (positive priming)

Service #5 Creating high quality links from hundreds of trustworthy brand  name TV and Radio websites, to improve the overall ranking of their website  (branding,)

Service #6 Increasing the number of congruent physical address, website address and phone number citations of their business online to significantly
improve Google Maps presence (citations, website)

Service #7 Target specific keywords & topics with our marketing that can deliver high value leads and clients to their biz (lead generation by ranking in Google)

We use Press Releases because there is hardly any competition for good PRs.  And the way we do it in this course we will probably be one of the best PRs in the niche. Yes, I give you simple instructions, blueprints and sample PRs to ensure that you write like a CHAMP!

Another reason we use PRs to get high quality traffic is that Google loves Press Releases and ranks them very high in the search engines. It’s like a maggot sucking traffic from the search engines and its so tiny that it goes unnoticed. On the other hand there are so many PRs that we can do in a very short time, that it can suck a lot of traffic!

To check the profitability

To check whether the niche you are going to target with your Press Release is profitable or not, just go into Google and type in a keyword from your niche.

IF there are 2-3 ads for it on Google’s page 1 then there is a very good chance that the niche is profitable since running Google Adword Ads costs a lot of money now and only profitable ads survive.



10-13-2107      Legend Credit Repair Published In Over 420 Radio and Television Stations


Press Releases: 

GOOGLE KeyWord Rankings: 

YouTube Ranking Reports: 



Recorded Keyword Rankings: 79  Above is a partial list of keyword rankings we were able to track. This is a snapshot of rankings at the time we did our rank checking. Your press release ranked first for 61 keyword phrases and was in the top ten for 75.

fix your credit St Louis
credit repair pros St Louis
credit repair pros Webster Groves
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restore credit St Louis
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fix my credit St Louis
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credit repair experts St Louis


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                 3 Min Expert Interview “Local “Dental” Review Video”
                                                                       New Episode: How to find the best “Your Niche” in (City)                 3 Min Expert Interview “Local “Dental” Review Audio”                 60 second customer 5 Star Review “5 Star “Dental” Review Video “                  60 Sec Reputation Video “Written “Real Estate Lawyer” 5 Star Review Video”               60 Sec 5 Star Review Video “Cosmetic Surgery” Patient Review Video”            60 Sec Sample Business “SHOUT OUT”  “Personal Injury Lawyer” Video”          60 Sec Sample Business “SHOUT OUT” “Personal Injury Lawyers” Video”       60 Sec Sample Business “SHOUT OUT” “Chef Tally World Famous Jerk Chicken”                   The Hard Line | Noel Carter and Patrick W. Lawlor               “Express Tire” Service of Hollywood Florida                   Example Social Media Ads Video Syndication Throughout our entire Citation and Social Networks



Page 1 Video Rankings:

1.    Boating Injury Lawyer in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Fl

2.   Boating Accidents Hollywood Boat Accident Attorney

3.   Boating accidents in recreational vessels Ft Lauderdale

4.   Best Fort Lauderdale Boating Accident Attorney

5.   Boating Injuries Claims Lawyer | You Could be Owed Compensation

6.   Personal Injury Attorney Broward County

7.   Bankruptcy Attorneys | Foreclosure Defense Lawyers | Broward County

8.   How To Find Bankruptcy Lawyer Plantation Fl

9.   How To Find Bankruptcy Lawyer Plantation

10.  Finding a Dedicated Bankruptcy Lawyers in plantation

11.  Find The Best Bankruptcy Lawyer in Plantation, FL

12. Broward County Bankruptcy Lawyers – Compare Top Bankruptcy Attorneys

13. Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz

14. Carlos Reyes Florida’s 23rd congressional district 

15.  florida 23rd congressional district demographics

16. florida’s 23rd congressional district


1.                             Social Video Ads Agency Pembroke Pines

2.                                 Restaurant Bathroom Cleaning: An Amazing Promotion

3.                               Bathroom Cleaning: An Amazing Offer In Jupiter, FL




We Create It, We Post It, You Take All the Credit!
Turn your Facebook page and other social media channels into sources of consumer-focused and lifestyle information and grow your prospect pool with each share for as low as .72 cents per client



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Top Reputation Marketing Agency Pembroke Pines,FL

Reputation Marketing Done For You





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